We are the innovators of on site framing at the major sports memorabilia shows in the country. We came up with the idea because we saw a need for preserving and protecting the collectors investments.
We frame on site using the same quality materials we are accustomed to using in our framing business. Since the pieces that are being autographed at shows are precious and valuable to our customers, we offer UV protective glass and acid free mats to complete the job the way it is supposed to be finished. The most important part of a framing job for autographs and memorabilia are the acid free mats and the UV conservation glass along with good quality wood frames to give the customer a finished product that will be preserved and enjoyed for many years to come.
We are the only ones who offer those products at the shows. If you are not framing your autographed pictures using UV protection, the picture and signature will start to fade away. Many people assume that hanging pictures in the basement will cause no problems for their valuable autographs/memorabilia. However, harmful UV rays are released by the basement's interior lights. Isn't your valuable memorabilia worth protecting? At your next sports show, look for our sign and visit our booth for more information.
On site framing at sport shows
Prices for on site framing only
We offer 2 packages.
black  frame, regular double mats, regular glass, cardboard backing, hooks and wire and sealed with brown paper.
8 x 10 picture-------------$25.00
11 x 14 picture------------$40.00
16 x 20 picture------------$50.00
Black wood frame, acid free double mats, UV protective glass, foamboard backing, hooks and wire and sealed with brown paper.
8 x 10 picture-------------$49.99
11 x 14 picture------------$80.00
16 x 20 picture----------$109.99
It's a fact:
The autographs on pictures or jerseys framed without the protection of UV Glass will fade.
Be aware:
Our competitors do not sell UV GLASS